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Case study - Allseating

All New Digital Experience for Allseating
Various images of the Allseating homepage

About the Project

It's estimated that the average person spends 7-10 hours per day sitting down. Fortunately, Allseating designs seating collections that make being in the seated position more comfortable and more productive.  

The new Allseating website enables customers to easily search for and discover products, learn about, customize and share product configurations and engage with Allseating's market leading customer service and sales teams. The experience is underpinned by a Progressive Decoupled Architecture leveraging Drupal 9 for its content management capabilities and React.js as the front-end technology.

Note: We were morally obligated to be seated during daily stand ups, of course.






CMS Website


Drupal 9 + React.js

Time Frame

5 months

Project Link

Services Provided

Technical architecture, Drupal development, ongoing support & maintenance, training & documentation, managed service

Various images of the Allseating Ayles Collection

The Challenge

Based on feedback from customers, Allseating's in-house design team conceived a stylish new site design and required a digital partner that could not only bring that vision to fruition but do so based on scalable technical foundations.

With designs that balanced modern design with the architectural elegance that the Allseating brand is known for, our team was called upon to extend this design for tablet and mobile devices and pair this new vision with powerful content management capabilities and a performant but cost effective frontend experience.

Various images of the Allseating product gallery
A mobile screenshot of the Allseating product search and filters pageA mobile screenshot of the Allseating ConfiguratorA mobile screenshot of the Allseating Fabrics page

The Solution

The new website is a true one-stop-shop for all things Allseating featuring the latest collections, news and updates, and look books.

Resources Redesigned
A redesigned Resource Center provides customers with everything they need from brochures and factsheets, to images and videos that serve as inspiration, to material swatches for the perfect fabric and finish.

Feature Favourites
Personalized project boards, accessible from anywhere, make it easy to create, save, and share boards with customers and colleagues. Using the Heart icon, visitors can collect products, swatches, fabrics and other resources into a single shareable location.

Customizable Collections
A new Collections section enables customers to explore the full Allseating catalogue complete with a  gallery and product specifications. The SpecAll configuration tool allows you to explore different back options, swatches and material finishes (or even upload your own). Products can be viewed in full 360 degree view or in situ using the augmented reality tool.

Drupal 9
Since Allseating was already familiar with Drupal, upgrading to Drupal 9 was an obvious choice. Drupal's architectural flexibility enabled a Progressively Decoupled approach seamlessly integrating the powerful back-end capabilities of Drupal with a modern JavaScript front-end.

This approach combined the best elements of both decoupled and monolithic solutions, resulting in an optimal architecture to meet Allseating's business objectives. React.js was chosen as the recommended JavaScript front-end technology due to its popularity, powerful capabilities, and flexibility.

By utilizing React.js, we were able to build standalone components that are framework-agnostic and interacted seamlessly with the Drupal CMS. This choice significantly improves the user experience for end users while providing the company with benefits such as component reusability, flexibility, and portability.

Therefore is proud to maintain a long-standing relationship as Allseating's digital partner, spanning 10 years and counting.

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