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Case study - Bitbuy

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange.
A person checking their cryptocurrency balance on the website using their mobile device.

Project Overview

Bitbuy is a Canadian owned and operated cryptocurrency platform managed out of downtown Toronto. A highly respected and trusted platform to buy and sell Bitcoin in Canada, they serve the retail investor and advanced trader needs equally.

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Decoupled CMS, Web App


Drupal, Gatsby, React, Amazon AWS



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Services Provided

UX research, UI/UX design, technical architecture, API development and integration, Drupal development, support & maintenance, training & documentation. screenshot of service offerings page.

The Challenge

Bitbuy is a formidable technology company having built a cutting edge cryptocurrency platform that serves over 350,000+ Canadians with over 4 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency trades to date. Naturally when it came to redesigning their website, it must reflect Bitbuy's success and technology with an equally modern website design and cutting edge web architecture.

Having built their own technology internally, the Bitbuy team were charting new territory by working with an outside team. Part of our challenge would be to establish trust and confidence in the early stages of the relationship to prove to Bitbuy that they were making the right decision by hiring Therefore.

Our primary project objectives and goals were to:

Deliver a modern and user friendly information architecture and design system

Architect a highly flexible and api-integrated web architecture

Deliver superior website performance and security

Incorporate a headless API-first CMS solution for Bitbuy to manage their website content

Work closely with the Bitbuy technology team to ensure knowledge sharing and efficient use of resources

A screenshot of services Bitbuy offers customers.
Mobile screenshot of the website of the getting started banner.Mobile screenshot of the Bitbuy Express cryptocurrency wallet.Mobile screenshot of the website over the counter service offering banner.

The Solution

Our engagement with Bitbuy is highly consultative, working closely with their operations and technology leadership. Through conversation and workshops, our collective team built an architecture and plan that aligned to both the Bitbuy business and technical teams vision as well as the needs of their hundreds of thousands of customers.

Therefore delivered a complete design system for the new Bitbuy website. The design system included user interface and data visualization components for the marketing website, blog and trading desk. Components variations were designed for both desktop and mobile. Illustrations were developed by a contract illustrator who was hired directly by Bitbuy.

For reasons of security, performance and flexibility, the technical architecture of the website follows a Jamstack approach. Jamstack is a decoupled architecture that utilizes a global content delivery network to host static website files rather than hosting a website on a traditional web server.

Content management is powered by headless Drupal CMS. GraphQL is used to retrieve content from Drupal and various other data sources to trigger the building of static HTML web pages using Gatsby. UI components are built using ReactJS.

Since the initial launch of the new website in 2020 Therefore has continued to evolve the website platform together with the Bitbuy technology team.

"I wished I met you guys earlier in my career as you would have saved me so much time and delivered a much better product. Thank you for the hard work. We really appreciate it."
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Michael Arbus
CEO, Bitbuy
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