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Time is a nonrenewable resource. Don't waste it.

Superior website performance means increased customer attention.

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What makes Jamstack different?

Jamstack architected websites are high-performance websites built with modern coding frameworks. They minimize the on-demand server, network, and browser work that needs to be done to display a web page or app. With Jamstack, all of this 'work' is done well before a user even attempts to load a page.

Dynamic content and interactive experiences are achieved through dynamic web components that connect to API services such as CMS for content, or a commerce service for payments.

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Going Jamstack, you're in good company.

Innovative companies and brands that choose Jamstack for their website.

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Who Benefits from Jamstack

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Sites delivered from static hosting require less processing, and avoid expensive server-side processes that can slow down that first response. Fast load times makes for happier shoppers.

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Reliability, Scalability & Security

Jamstack websites and applications are hosted on global CDN's and therefore experience no downtime and can scale seamlessly and securely.

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Cost Optimization

A Jamstack architecture can reduce overall infrastructure costs compared to traditional approaches. Costs can be better distributed across services, reducing the need to over allocate.

How it works


Globally distributed

Jamstack projects aren't dependant on code that needs to run on a server and can therefore be distributed across a global CDN instead. Serving directly from a CDN pushes code closer to users, unlocking exceptional performance on a global scale.

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App like web experiences

Jamstack sites can be built with a wide variety of tools, including the most popular front-end Javascript technologies. React, Vue JS and Next JS can be used to develop mobile app like experiences for the web.

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The Jamstack has taken the web by storm
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Vendor lock-in no more.

You can host your Jamstack site from a wide variety of hosting services and have greater ability to move them to your preferred host.

Since your Jamstack site is built using purely web standards, it's easy to maintain. No proprietary coding languages here or weird opinionated frameworks to circumvent to make even simple changes.


Smaller footprint, wider security coverage.

The Jamstack has fewer servers and systems to harden against attack. Serving pages and assets as pre-generated files allows read-only hosting, reducing attack vectors even further. Third-party tools and services provided with teams dedicated to securing their specific systems widens security coverage.

Our Alliances

Interested to learn how Therefore can help you leverage these powerful services and tools for your business? Let's talk.

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We're enterprise partners with Netlify, enabling us to deliver faster, more secure websites on a Global CDN.

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Powering headless front-end and Jamstack architectures.

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For over 20 years we've worked with Drupal and its community to deliver ambitious digital products and experiences.

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We're gold partners with,aA multi-stack PaaS hosting provider built on AWS infrastructure.