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Case Study - Rocky Mountaineer E-Commerce Website

Connected Routes, Connected Customers.
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Project Overview

Rocky Mountaineer offers unique luxury train travel through the wild beauty of Canada’s West and is the best way to experience the majestic Canadian Rockies. Therefore was hired to design, develop and evolve an inspirational website that guides guests through the full Rocky Mountaineer experience.


Rocky Mountaineer


Travel & Leisure


E-Commerce Website


Drupal, Salesforce, Kaptio Travel API



Services Provided

UX research, UI/UX design, digital strategy, technical architecture, API development, MarTech and CRM integration, e-commerce, Drupal development, support & maintenance, training & documentation, managed services.

Rocky Mountaineer website page screenshot

The Challenge

Rocky Mountaineer sought a reputable partner with a track record of success to transition their mission-critical marketing and e-commerce platform to Drupal 8 CMS (we have since upgraded it to Drupal 9). Integral to the technical success of the project was tight integration of their proprietary package database and a custom Salesforce CRM travel API.

A refreshed and optimized guest experience and engagement flow were required to channel guests into early package consideration and increase unassisted online package configuration and conversion.

Overall project objectives and goals included:

Migrate the existing website to a flexible, integrated, and scalable website powered by Drupal 8 CMS.

Implement a lift-and-shift migration of our legacy travel API to a new Salesforce travel API.

Deliver a superior website user experience for site visitors and existing guests of Rocky Mountaineer.

Establish a long-term strategic relationship with an agency that will support Rocky Mountaineer's current and future digital needs.

Rocky Mountaineer website page screenshot
Rocky Mountaineer website page screenshot on a mobile phoneRocky Mountaineer website page screenshot on a mobile phoneRocky Mountaineer website page screenshot on a mobile phone

The Solution

A strict deadline required a prioritized rollout. Our initial release involved a partial migration to Drupal 8 and a lift-and-shift of the existing travel API system to a new proprietary Salesforce Travel API system.

Following the successful delivery of the first technical phase of the project, Therefore worked with Rocky Mountaineer's team over a 4-month period to complete the migration to Drupal 8 for the rest of the website.

Therefore and the Rocky Mountaineer team worked in close collaboration to design and deliver an optimized online guest experience and engagement flow for site visitors. A UI refresh was performed to deliver a world-class website and mobile discovery and e-commerce experience for site visitors.

The CMS editing experience was completely overhauled to align to back-office and content manager workflows and tasks.



Online conversions


WCAG AA compliant


Site performance


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